Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Connected devices sending telemetry have to be stored before it can be analysed. Idle choice would be an event hub, which is meant for handling large volume of streams. In this example we will try to simulate a device sending data to Azure IoT Hub.

For easy management we will…

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IoT i.e. Internet of Things is not a new word (not any more). This is being discussed for a while now. It has really picked up in last 4–5 years with all required support becoming available.

Wikipedia describes IoT as “The Internet of things (IoT) describes the network of physical…

Books you would like to have in your collection.

What is a good code and how can we write a more object oriented code?

Sometimes I heard my team members complaining about the quality of code which I wrote, so I started a search for some instructions about “What is a good code?”

I went through “Refactoring by Martin…

Ram Kinkar Pandey

MS Azure, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

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